Complete Electric Plant

We design and manufacture and integrate all components of the power plant, from generators, through the main and secondary switchboards.

With the increasingly widespread use of power electronics in the marine world, it becomes more important that the entire ship’s power plant is designed from a single part, so that all critical parameters, as well as liability, remain controlled at all times.

In line with the above, we perform the following calculations / studies:

• Electrical Balance
• Load Calculations
• Short circuit calculations
• Coordination of protections (selectivity)
• Calculation of harmonics
• Voltage drop at the start of large consumers

We cover all stages the project:

• Project Management
• Planning
• Design of the equipment
• Procurement
• Factory Acceptance Test
• Installation, commissioning and testing on board

From the technical point of view, we offer all kinds of possibilities:

•LV Generation: 690V and 440V

• Distribution:
o Main switchboards in MV and LV
o Auxiliary switchboards in 690V, 440V, 230V and 110V
o 24Vdc switchboards

• Transformers:
o For power distribution
o For frequency converters

• Power Management System (PMS):
o Stand alone system
o As part of our Integrated Automation System (IAS)

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