Energy Management

We provide safe and intelligent energy solutions that address today’s critical problems of electric quality, reliability, and increasing costs. With offices in the Germany and Turkey, ENAU AS delivers high-performance energy systems for commercial, industrial, utility and government applications.

Solar Energy

Some of the most recent PV panels developed and available in the market are those made using mono-crystalline cells, with polymers of high strength. These PV solar panels are specified to withstand harsh conditions at sea, and they have been used in small vessels and in larger vessels such as ocean-going passenger ferries and cargo ships.

Wind Energy

Technology still evolving, for ships, the design process for wind-generator technologies is more complicated and multi-dimensional than those technologies already proven for land applications. Since wind-powered ship technology is emerging, prototypes to fully developed products will take time to evolve.

Lithium Ion Batteries

Energy storage technologies offer the opportunity to accumulate and store energy for use at a later time, possibly supplementing or replacing in some instances the onboard electrical power distribution system. This section provides information on alternative energy storage technologies, including lithium-ion batteries, supercapacitors and flywheel energy storage systems. Each of these technologies has its own advantages and challenges.

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