Are you looking for a reliable and efficient solution for generating electrical energy? Enau is pleased to advise you on choosing the right generator based on your application.

Certainty in the choice of your generator
As a brand independent system integrator, we have experience with various generators from well-known suppliers and we know how to incorporate them into your electrical installation. Our engineers will translate your wishes and user situation to the choice of the most suitable generator. We supply the generators to you separately or integrate them into your electrical installation. We also supplies innovative concepts such as permanent magnet generators.

Reliable throughout the life cycle
Choosing the right protection class, cooling and voltage type results in reliable generators which optimises the availability of your installation. In order to further increase reliability, We offer you a total solution for the economic life of your generator; from consultancy, design and delivery to maintenance and service.

Total system integration and automation
As an electrical system integrator, we take care of the integration and automation of your installation, allowing you to focus on your core business. Besides generators, we supply and integrate drive systems, transformers, switchboards and motors.

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