Project Management

Automotive Project Management

Improvement of process compliant with all automotive standards.

Agile development, CMMI, SPICE, ISO 26262, ISO TS 16949.

Enau is supporting on improvement of process to make it compliant with standards as CMMI, SPICE, ISO 26262. Enau is helping to reach the state of the art, and high quality of activities with the “Total Efficiency”.

Project support with expert knowledge in management of development project in Automotive Industry.

Support on project management and improvement of standard of project management to support the best synergy in the project team.

Modern cars need to be safer, cleaner and more comfortable than ever, with price being a key factor in today’s global market. Vehicle manufacturers need to work with suppliers who truly understand the automotive business, delivering reliability and innovation in equal measures.

Our solutions for the automotive sector specifically include:
Building infrastructure
Electrical and hydraulic production line components
On-board vehicle assemblies

We can support you in the development, operation and evolution of a flexible energy infrastructure, from medium voltage up to low voltage sub­distribution, along with the delivery of reliable power quality improved by an energy-saving uninterruptible power supply. We provide industry-leading production line solutions; controls, drives and powertrain engineering from lean connectivity to lean automation. Additionally, on-board solutions include dashboard controls up to truck and bus hybrid drives and we continue to lead the field in the provision of electric vehicle supply equipment.

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