Ship Design

We deliver innovative, comprehensive and high-value engineering solutions to the marine market.

Enau, Inc. focuses on innovation as a dynamic process, and is constantly in search for new and improved solutions. Developing state-of-the-art designs, which provide ever higher performance and more value for our customers, is always our main priority.

Enau, Inc. offers innovative solutions for the offshore industry, creating business opportunities for our customers.

Our ship design teams combine creativity, pragmatism and discipline to deliver the full range of ship design, naval architectural analysis and engineering services to optimise client’s vessel performance in three main sectors.

Initial Design
Conceptual design package (General Arrangement, 3D Model for visualization),
Weight calculations,
Hull form generation,
Hydrodynamics (power speed & intact and damage stability),
Longitudinal strength, Midship section, Tonnage.

Basic Design
Scantling Calculations,
Main Steel Classification Drawings,
FE Calculations,
Arrangement Drawings,
System Diagrams and Flow calculations,
Arrangement Drawings of Engine Room and Technical Spaces.

Detail Engineering
Workshop drawings,
Nesting & Lofting,
Piping & Cable & HVAC arrangement,
Foundation drawings.

Special Design Tasks
Our highly specialized engineering staff are also open to all unusual tasks and challenges.

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