We are Enau

The Future is Electric,

Go Electric

We provide safe and intelligent energy solutions that address today’s critical problems of electric quality, reliability, and increasing costs. With offices in Germany and Turkey, Enau delivers high-performance energy systems for commercial, industrial, utility and government applications.


Harness Renewable Power to The Fullest Potential.


Focus on innovation as a dynamic process.

Innovation and Future

Smart Shipping, Refresh Your Mind

Electric is our world. To supply the best systems and equipment, we always think in terms of solutions: every step is a step in the right direction.

To be able to do so it is essential that every step we take is a step forward. We think of solutions for every application and situation. Ships must sail, pumps must run. One should be able to rely on a good solution like one can rely on a good friend.

In our relationships with our clients and stakeholders, the joint profit takes the highest priority, but we are not yes-men. Consider a ‘good friend’. This means that we focus on long term relationships, think in solutions, but also occasionally confront each other if we see chances for different solutions or room for improvement.

We believe things can always improve. That is why we continuously feed our innovation engine with ideas to be able to keep providing the best solutions for our clients and stakeholders. Now and in the future.

In the way we work together with our customers, you could call us a good friend. The focus is on collective benefit, but we are certainly no yes-men! If we believe things can be done better, we are not afraid to say so.