Functional Safety Systems (FuSa)

The life cycle of all safety-related systems

ISO 26262, Road vehicles – Functional Safety is a risk-based safety standard that defines functional safety for all automotive electronics and electrical (E/E) safety-related systems. The standard is an adaptation of the Functional Safety standard IEC 61508 and applies throughout the life cycle of all safety-related systems, including electronic or electrical systems. It does not only apply to mass-produced passenger cars, but also provides guidance on the development of E/E systems for use in trucks, buses, trailers and semi-trailers.


Motorcycles (excluding mopeds) are also covered by the 2018 version of the standard. ISO 26262 specifies four Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASIL A to D), with ASIL D as the highest safety level. It; It allows hazards to be classified based on a combination of the probability of occurrence of the event and the probable severity of the event if it does occur. ISO 26262 provides the main guidelines on how the main manufacturers and/or suppliers will do both technical work and process management as a result of these classifications.

Competencies of employees

Today, businesses prove the competencies of employees, the effectiveness of processes and the functional safety of activities according to the requirements of the ISO 26262 standard. The ISO 26262 functional safety standard is a security system that holistically covers errors and errors that may arise during the operation of systems and equipment, including software, hardware, environment and safety management. In a sense, this system requires an assessment of the risks and hazards created by increasingly complex technologies, beyond traditional product safety assessments.


The fact that businesses stand out in the fight against their competitors and achieve a sustainable success depends on their operating in accordance with the standards. In addition, the brand reliability of companies that have fully and correctly absorbed and implemented the functional safety culture will increase and create an opportunity for them to gain more space in the market. Therefore, our organization provides functional security services within the scope of project management services. In these studies, on the one hand, the standards announced by domestic and foreign organizations and internationally accepted methods are followed, on the other hand, the legal regulations in force. We offer our knowledge gained from working with the main manufacturers and suppliers that play important roles in the sector for many years, in the most appropriate way to your needs.


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