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Tangible and intangible

Product is the general name of the tangible (good) and intangible (service) items produced to meet human needs. There are discovery and development stages in the product life cycle. We try to figure out what to build in the product discovery phase. At this stage, the team, company or stakeholders have limited time and budget to figure out what product users want to use.

Most importantly, only the quality level of the product is needed to perform validated learning. However, once the product-market fit has been determined, the goal shifts from determining which product to build to creating the product correctly. “Engineering Excellence” is needed to enable and succeed the engineering team to reach the development stage during this transition.


According to its ability to deliver results,

Progress is gained through continuous work from idea to implementation and beyond,

The gains are measured in our performance to understand the client’s problem, the formulation of solution strategies, and then throughout the entire prototype, build, testing and process.

It depends on Three Components;

How We Do

How Do We Operate?

How do we work as a team?

For a strong engineering culture;

Are you okay?

Are you happy?

Are you innovative?

Are you transparent?

Are you different?

Are you open?

Are you agile?

Are you social?


Sustainable and environmentally
friendly advanced engineering solutions

We offer in energy, automotive, maritime industry and in the fields of electro mobility, information technologies, energy systems, automotive functional safety systems, lightweight composite materials in Germany, Austria and Turkey.

Ship Energy and Power Systems, Integrated Alarm and Control Systems and Switchgears.

Automotive functional safety systems, ISO 26262, Automotive SPICE and Cybersecurity

Concept Design, Advanced Engineering Solutions and Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Hybrid and Electric Propulsion Systems, Battery Powered and Direct Drive Propulsion Systems.


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Our Story

Company history, present
and the future

Brief history

enau Group, established in 2016, offers sustainable and environmentally friendly advanced engineering solutions in energy, automotive, maritime industry in Germany, Austria and Turkey.


To be an inspiring global brand that produces sustainable and environmentally friendly advanced engineering solutions in the field of electromobility and information technologies.

A strong electromobility industry;

Clean, quiet and healthy cities;

Energy-efficient transportation;

A world free of fossil fuels;


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