Continuous Learning and Development

By following and learning global developments and current technology, we constantly improve ourselves and contribute to our company and our customers. 

We follow innovations by learning from mistakes.

We are curious; Gives importance to staying up to date; We welcome change and new ideas.

With the cause-effect relationship, we think based on data.


Inclusion and Participation

Understands the expectations of all our stakeholders; we produce the most suitable participatory products and solutions for their expectations and needs.

We care and appreciate the thoughts and productions of our employees.

We reach the desired result by developing new alternatives, if necessary, so that the best solution that will satisfy our customers and us is revealed on time.

We run for common goals, believing that differences will create value, with the belief of producing together.



We act together for a common goal, complement each other, take care of our needs and help each other.

We face all the positive and negative experiences together.

With all our units, we move forward together towards the common goal, we hear each other, we support each other, we do not leave ourselves alone.

We are both a loving family and reliable friends to each other.



Until we reach the goal, we continue to work without getting tired of the difficulties.

With our knowledge and experience, our hard work and courage, we can overcome even the most difficult jobs.

By embracing the company and the work that needs to be done, we try to do the best on time with determination. With the awareness of responsibility, we produce solutions without giving up until we reach success.


Adding Value

At every moment, we push our limits, with excitement and pride, we create unique solutions that add meaning and make a difference to our country, our stakeholders and our lives. We use our potential as individuals and teams with all our strength to achieve tangible results.

We invest in the future and generate innovative ideas to do our job better and leaner.

We express our ideas that we believe will create value at every opportunity and environment.


Sustainable and environmentally
friendly advanced engineering solutions

We offer in energy, automotive, maritime industry and in the fields of electro mobility, information technologies, energy systems, automotive functional safety systems, lightweight composite materials in Germany, Austria and Turkey.

Ship Energy and Power Systems, Integrated Alarm and Control Systems and Switchgears.

Automotive functional safety systems, ISO 26262, Automotive SPICE and Cybersecurity

Concept Design, Advanced Engineering Solutions and Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Hybrid and Electric Propulsion Systems, Battery Powered and Direct Drive Propulsion Systems.


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Our Story

Company history, present
and the future

Brief history

enau Group, established in 2016, offers sustainable and environmentally friendly advanced engineering solutions in energy, automotive, maritime industry in Germany, Austria and Turkey.


To be an inspiring global brand that produces sustainable and environmentally friendly advanced engineering solutions in the field of electromobility and information technologies.

A strong electromobility industry;

Clean, quiet and healthy cities;

Energy-efficient transportation;

A world free of fossil fuels;


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