The Future is Electric,

Go Electric

We provide safe and intelligent energy solutions that address today’s critical problems of electric quality, reliability, and increasing costs. With offices in Germany and Turkey, Enau delivers high-performance energy systems for commercial, industrial, utility and government applications.

Enau’s solutions result in maximized energy savings, ongoing energy resilience and security, and new revenue.

Our system combines any on-site clean generation source such as solar or wind with advanced energy storage to provide a fully-financed, turnkey solution delivering the highest performance.

The centerpiece of Enau’s energy solutions is an Energy Management System (EMS) that provides ongoing flexibility and optimized performance of local energy assets. With continued advancements in energy technologies, customers need protection from solutions locked into a single vendor or technology type. Enau, EMS features an open architecture that delivers unique interoperability and high performance across a range of companion elements including solar panels, other clean energy generators, energy storage, and the electrical grid.

This solution optimizes electrical generation and uses over time at customer locations to achieve the highest mix of clean, reliable energy with predictable, low costs – typically saving customers a substantial amount of money while providing a higher quality and more stable supply of energy. Also, the system enables ongoing participation in our evolving energy markets, delivering broader economic value and grid stability across both customers and communities.

All of these energy solutions combine with Enau, Inc.’s innovative financial, engineering, and program management services. As a result, Enau’s accelerates clients and communities towards a more stable, cost-effective, and clean energy future.

Offices and Facilities


Germany Head Office:
Enau GmbH.
Engineering. Innovation. Research.
A: Berliner Ring 18, D-75417 Mühlacker
P: +49 7041 4963008
M: +49 162 1392775

Sitz der Gesellschaft / Head Office: Mühlacker, Deutschland / Germany
Amtsgericht / Company Register: Mannheim HRB 728113


Turkey Head Office:
Enau Müh. San. ve Tic. A.Ş.
Engineering. Innovation. Research.
HQ: Cevizli Mh. Zuhal Cd. No:46/7 A5/54 34846 Maltepe, İstanbul / Turkey
P: +90 216 5195417
M: +90 532 3966700

Merkez Ofis / Head Office / Sitz der Gesellschaft: Maltepe/ İstanbul/ Turkey
Şirket Tescili / Company Register / Amtsgericht: Enau Müh. San. ve Tic. A.Ş. / Kartal V.D. 3340818074


Technology and R&D Workshop
Production. Integration. Service. Test Center.
A: ITOSB 12. Cd. No:3/45 Tuzla Plus Sanayi Sitesi Tepeören, İstanbul / Turkey