Low Voltage Panels (eLVP)

Maximum safety and availability

We have special low voltage panel solutions for the maritime industry. Our voltage boards meet the requirements of every marine application, from power distribution on board to offshore platforms. They are characterized by low overall cost, high reliability, minimal maintenance and increased safety for personnel. Air-insulated switchgear provides maximum safety and availability according to the highest standards, thanks to solutions focused on the arc-proof version.

eMLVP low voltage systems are the reliable solution. All our eLV switchboards are type tested in accordance with the IEC 60439-1/IEC 61439 standard and arc protected in accordance with IEC 61641. Flexible and compact design with rated current up to 8000A and rated short-time withstand current of 120kA for the busbar system can be customized to meet any special requirement.

It is therefore suitable for generator switchgear, main switchgear and motor control centers (MCC) for marine and offshore platform applications where reliability and integrity of the distribution system is essential to ensure power supply continuity.


Sustainable and environmentally
friendly advanced engineering solutions

We offer in energy, automotive, maritime industry and in the fields of electro mobility, information technologies, energy systems, automotive functional safety systems, lightweight composite materials in Germany, Austria and Turkey.

Ship Energy and Power Systems, Integrated Alarm and Control Systems and Switchgears.

Automotive functional safety systems, ISO 26262, Automotive SPICE and Cybersecurity

Concept Design, Advanced Engineering Solutions and Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Hybrid and Electric Propulsion Systems, Battery Powered and Direct Drive Propulsion Systems.


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enau Group, established in 2016, offers sustainable and environmentally friendly advanced engineering solutions in energy, automotive, maritime industry in Germany, Austria and Turkey.


To be an inspiring global brand that produces sustainable and environmentally friendly advanced engineering solutions in the field of electromobility and information technologies.

A strong electromobility industry;

Clean, quiet and healthy cities;

Energy-efficient transportation;

A world free of fossil fuels;


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