Solar Energy

Reduce fossil

fuel consumption.

Some of the most recent PV panels developed and available in the market are those made using mono-crystalline cells, with polymers of high strength. These PV solar panels are specified to withstand harsh conditions at sea.

We are boaters, all of our systems are designed and engineered for the marine environment.

The trend towards using renewable and alternative energy sources on land has gathered momentum over the last decade as the general public shipping companies and policymakers tackle the issues of air pollution, energy security, and climate change. However, at sea, the shift towards the widespread adoption of alternative energy is only now beginning to take shape.

All components are rigorously tested to ensure 100% compatibility.  We use our solar systems every weekend and we are continuously conducting research and development on how to improve the operation and efficiency to offer our customers the best possible experience.

We offer the largest selection of solar panel kits and marine installation options in the industry.  From portable systems to fixed permanent installations, we have a solution for every boating application.

Offices and Facilities


Germany Head Office:
Enau GmbH.
Engineering. Innovation. Research.
A: Berliner Ring 18, D-75417 Mühlacker
P: +49 7041 4963008
M: +49 162 1392775

Sitz der Gesellschaft / Head Office: Mühlacker, Deutschland / Germany
Amtsgericht / Company Register: Mannheim HRB 728113


Turkey Head Office:
Enau Müh. San. ve Tic. A.Ş.
Engineering. Innovation. Research.
HQ: Cevizli Mh. Zuhal Cd. No:46/7 A5/54 34846 Maltepe, İstanbul / Turkey
P: +90 216 5195417
M: +90 532 3966700

Merkez Ofis / Head Office / Sitz der Gesellschaft: Maltepe/ İstanbul/ Turkey
Şirket Tescili / Company Register / Amtsgericht: Enau Müh. San. ve Tic. A.Ş. / Kartal V.D. 3340818074


Technology and R&D Workshop
Production. Integration. Service. Test Center.
A: ITOSB 12. Cd. No:3/45 Tuzla Plus Sanayi Sitesi Tepeören, İstanbul / Turkey