Variable Speed Drives (eVSD)

Innovative product options

When it comes to drives, enau offers many innovative product options for use in marine transportation, floating structures and utility applications, providing greater efficiency and performance in terms of performance, energy efficiency and the benefits provided by electric propulsion. Variable Speed ​​Drives (VSD) are available in options suitable for both low and medium voltages. Direct Torque Control (DTC) is an innovative motor control system for AC drives. It allows to accurately control of both motor speed and torque without the need to monitor shaft position or speed. Our low voltage variable speed drives offer powerful and accurate performance for any application in a power range of 0.55 kW to 5600 kW.


Combine environmental advantages

They are used in main propulsion systems, rudder control, propellers, compressors, pumps, fans, winches, and many other systems on board. Manufactured with our many years of marine experience, AC drives with asynchronous or permanent magnet synchronous motors combine environmental advantages with reduced operating costs. Tested and approved in accordance with major classification societies, these drives fulfill the requirements of the field of offshore platforms, providing compact solutions, reliable and economical operation in all conditions.



Sustainable and environmentally
friendly advanced engineering solutions

We offer in energy, automotive, maritime industry and in the fields of electro mobility, information technologies, energy systems, automotive functional safety systems, lightweight composite materials in Germany, Austria and Turkey.

Ship Energy and Power Systems, Integrated Alarm and Control Systems and Switchgears.

Automotive functional safety systems, ISO 26262, Automotive SPICE and Cybersecurity

Concept Design, Advanced Engineering Solutions and Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Hybrid and Electric Propulsion Systems, Battery Powered and Direct Drive Propulsion Systems.


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enau Group, established in 2016, offers sustainable and environmentally friendly advanced engineering solutions in energy, automotive, maritime industry in Germany, Austria and Turkey.


To be an inspiring global brand that produces sustainable and environmentally friendly advanced engineering solutions in the field of electromobility and information technologies.

A strong electromobility industry;

Clean, quiet and healthy cities;

Energy-efficient transportation;

A world free of fossil fuels;


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