Focus on innovation

as a dynamic process.

Our ship design teams combine creativity, pragmatism and discipline to deliver the full range of ship design, naval architectural analysis and engineering services to optimize client’s vessel performance in three main sectors.

We deliver designs for standardized – as well as highly advanced – vessels with significant customer-specified adaptations.

Our highly specialized engineering staff are also open to all unusual tasks and challenges.We create designs for newbuilding, conversion and repair projects. We are globally recognized for our conceptual design expertise, forged over decades of experience. Our full knowledge is at your disposal!

We have long experience working with ship owners, shipyards and other design companies worldwide.Our expertise is based on both theory and practice, on research, and on the first-hand experience. We are constantly involved in different kinds of research and development projects. Some of our ice-technology innovations, such as the patented multi-purpose icebreaker concept and the removable icebreaking bow system, have redefined the entire sector. We have also developed patented solutions for oil recovery.

Our designs are developed with a heavy focus on safety, cost-efficiency, fuel economy, and environmental factors. We are also pollution-control vessel specialists – our expertise in this sector is unique.

Conceptual design
Basic design
Detailed design
Shipbuilding consultancy
Conversion design
Repair design
Site supervision
Inspection of documents
Model tests (ice and open water)
Full scale trials (ice and open water)
Ship winterization
3D visualizations & animations

Offices and Facilities


Germany Head Office:
Enau GmbH.
Engineering. Innovation. Research.
A: Berliner Ring 18, D-75417 Mühlacker
P: +49 7041 4963008
M: +49 162 1392775

Sitz der Gesellschaft / Head Office: Mühlacker, Deutschland / Germany
Amtsgericht / Company Register: Mannheim HRB 728113


Turkey Head Office:
Enau Müh. San. ve Tic. A.Ş.
Engineering. Innovation. Research.
HQ: Cevizli Mh. Zuhal Cd. No:46/7 A5/54 34846 Maltepe, İstanbul / Turkey
P: +90 216 5195417
M: +90 532 3966700

Merkez Ofis / Head Office / Sitz der Gesellschaft: Maltepe/ İstanbul/ Turkey
Şirket Tescili / Company Register / Amtsgericht: Enau Müh. San. ve Tic. A.Ş. / Kartal V.D. 3340818074


Technology and R&D Workshop
Production. Integration. Service. Test Center.
A: ITOSB 12. Cd. No:3/45 Tuzla Plus Sanayi Sitesi Tepeören, İstanbul / Turkey