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Automation and Control System

Integrated Control System

Complete control and reliability with alarm & monitoring solutions.

Enau develops and implements alarm & monitoring systems tailored to your specific operational profile. We offer you custom-made solutions with our system, developed in-house, and systems from other well-known manufacturers.

Reliable systems for optimum performance

Our alarm and monitoring systems enable you to quickly locate and resolve faults. Moreover, you are informed about the current performance of your system at all times. We supply alarm and monitoring systems for both maritime and industrial applications. The advice and designs of our experienced engineers provide you with demonstrably reliable alarm and monitoring systems that enable optimal performance of your company.

Integrated modular alarm monitoring and control system

Especially for the maritime sector, we developed the alarm & monitoring system. This can be applied in turnkey and refurbishment projects thanks to its modular structure. It is a versatile, innovative product with a built-in diagnostic system that complies with all requirements of the certification bureaus. Moreover, it is user-friendly because it is configured to suit your usage, easy to expand and easy to operate. In case of faults within your installation, we can quickly support you by logging in remotely. Wherever you are, you never have to face the problem alone.

Total solution under one roof

Our alarm and monitoring systems can be extended to include vessel management or industrial process management systems so that you can further automate your process. Also, we supply control desks & panels and test your systems in our simulation environment. In this way, Enau takes the entire automation out of your hands, allowing you to focus on your core business.