We design and

manufacture drives for marine

We are integrating various brands of frequency convertors into integrated drive panels. For marine applications where space is limited and air cooling is not always possible.

We are producing water-cooled drive panels in standardized or tailor-made designs. The standard drive panels of we have a modular structure. This makes them flexible and cost-effective.

We can quickly disconnect and replace components, without this having a direct impact on the entire system. As a result, those components together create a single, high-quality and powerful system that allows you the maximum freedom. With so much flexibility, we can specifically apply each drive panel to every situation.

Make sure you benefit from the many advantages of our modern ship propulsion systems:
Highly efficient systems with maximum operating security and fail-safe performance
Solutions tailored to your needs
Standardized components available worldwide
Complete service and support
Increased competitiveness and investment protection
Environmentally compatible operation

Diesel-electric marine propulsion systems reduce fuel requirements, increase maneuverability, minimize environmental risks, and make your ship quieter and more comfortable. However, their main advantage lies in the exceptional degree of fail-safety that Drive LV attains, thanks to its redundant system design. Profit from a perfectly planned system consisting of diesel generators, low-voltage switchgear, frequency converter, and drive motors in combination with an ingenious propulsion control and monitoring system.

Drive LV is the leading technology solution:
Reliable, economical, and efficient operation
High investment protection
Significant reduction of fuel costs due to changes in ship operating profiles
Optimal availability and ease of maintenance thanks to standardized core components used worldwide
The power rating of up to 5,500 kW at 690 V for each propeller
Various configurations for individualized drive concepts

Offices and Facilities


Germany Head Office:
Enau GmbH.
Engineering. Innovation. Research.
A: Berliner Ring 18, D-75417 Mühlacker
P: +49 7041 4963008
M: +49 162 1392775

Sitz der Gesellschaft / Head Office: Mühlacker, Deutschland / Germany
Amtsgericht / Company Register: Mannheim HRB 728113


Turkey Head Office:
Enau Müh. San. ve Tic. A.Ş.
Engineering. Innovation. Research.
HQ: Cevizli Mh. Zuhal Cd. No:46/7 A5/54 34846 Maltepe, İstanbul / Turkey
P: +90 216 5195417
M: +90 532 3966700

Merkez Ofis / Head Office / Sitz der Gesellschaft: Maltepe/ İstanbul/ Turkey
Şirket Tescili / Company Register / Amtsgericht: Enau Müh. San. ve Tic. A.Ş. / Kartal V.D. 3340818074


Technology and R&D Workshop
Production. Integration. Service. Test Center.
A: ITOSB 12. Cd. No:3/45 Tuzla Plus Sanayi Sitesi Tepeören, İstanbul / Turkey