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SubQuadro, Submarine Delivery Vehicle


Surface, Semi-submerged and Submerged

The SubQuadro is an 8-man swimmer delivery vehicle designed for the covert insertion and extraction of combat diver units. It operates in three modes; surface, semi-submerged and submerged. The vehicles may approach, or break, the surface for communication or reconnaissance purposes.

Example applications for a SubQuadro include:
Delivery of 8-man combat team
Host platform for autonomous underwater vehicles
Remotely operated weapons platform
Harbour patrol vessel
Rapid-response anti-piracy craft
Mine countermeasure operations
A built in breathing system adds extra safety for the divers and enables an extended underwater range
Several quick mounts for a variety of weapon systems transforms the craft in to a combat craft

The SubQuadro Air Delivery System allows SubQuadro to be deployed from transport aircraft via low-level extraction drop. A medium-lift helicopter may also be used for low-altitude deployment and recovery.

On the surface, SubQuadro is quickly released from her deployment frame and the crew embark for rapid surface transit.

Surface Mode
In surface mode, SubQuadro travels at speeds in excess of 30 knots for up to 150 nautical miles, or 300 nautical miles with an optional secondary fuel bag.

Semi-submerged Mode
If an increased risk is detected, SubQuadro can seamlessly transition to SemiSubmerged mode for a much reduced signature.

Submerged Mode
Upon final approach to the target, or in situations where maximum stealth is required, SubQuadro dives to depths of 40 – 50 m. In submerged mode, SubQuadro can travel for upto 15 nautical miles at speeds upto 3 knots.

Vehicle Caching
At the target, SubQuadro may be cached for the crew to return to at the end of their mission, or for extraction at a later time.